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Blue Light Detox Program:

First thing to do is watch this talk by neurosurgeon Jack Kruse about the life changing result of understanding LIGHT and health… and read this LEPTIN RESET info also IN BOOK FORM

  1. Be up for every sunrise with no glass or glasses on in front of eyes. Infrared light for melatonin production sunrise to 9am.
  2. Get skin in 10-3pm sun.  Vitamin D for prevention of most diseases of the western world. Try the D-MINDER APP
  3. Eat seafood many times a week. Anti inflammatory. Good fats.
  4. Grass fed meats in abundance
  5. No grain – includes pasta bread rice
  6. Avoid nightshades – tomato capsicum eggplant ; see Anti Inflammatory Protocol
  7. Eat seasonal vegetables – no summer veg in winter
  8. No more than one fruit a day ONLY SEASONAL no bananas in winter
  9. how to change your iPhone to emit LESS blue light HERE
  10. Use IRIS software HERE
  11. How to avoid sunburn HERE
  12. Prof Panda discovered how light affects health also…
  13. Jack Kruse on FOOD CHOICES

Statin Drugs: Cholesterol Significance

Anti Inflammatory, Autoimmune and Brain Health Protocols

  • Dr Datis Kharrazian here
  • 10 reasons why AUTOIMMUNE disease persists HERE
  • Information about GLUTAMINE for autoimmune and brain health HERE
  • THYROID playing up? Its an epidemic!!! Read HERE

MORE about the Atlas

Jim McMahon on concussion and brain injury
Montel Williams on MS

Dr Joe Ierano podcast on YouTube

one of the most valuable assessment tools your doctor may never ever touch on… ask me what it means…