Neck O’ the week

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Child of 9 presents with brain damage and severe pressure in upper cervical spine. NB C1 post. arch hard up against Occ.


Post X ray better but plagued by processor artefacts.


Amazing text-book restoration with good spacing of C1 post. arch and Occ. Triumph via atlas adjustment only.

brain cyst2

large benign brain cyst

atlas agenesis

or atlas occipitalisation…this was a very sick old female

splenic artery aneurysm

splenic artery aneurysm

hair artefact

this is how curly hair appears on x ray

agenesis of anterior portion of transverse

agenesis of anterior portion of transverse

neck degen

very degenerative neck




some spinous processes missing there, and pedicles


very pleasant female in her 80s was discovered to have a mass near the spine, consuming some of the vertebrae


inoperable, but massive doses of radiation resorbed the mass


close up MRI


How is that for an anterior osteophyte on C6/7?


Parkinson’s case pre and post x ray a year later. Obvious head tilt fixed.


How’s this for anterior osteophyte’s? Yes the middle aged female had occasional trouble swallowing.


female 63yrs with severe constant pain…can you spot the RARE fusion? See next slide…


close up of L lateral C1 fused to C2


george’s line intact, then look at the extension view


there is a step at C4/5 showing ligament laxity. Radiographer reported “normal”.

atlas frontal

looks normal in structure, but its not…

atlas arch

posterior arch non united on inferior projected border where it meets the lateral mass

atlas arch 2

same atlas with opacity on left indicating stable but un-united post. arch


Hip replacement; Octogenarian


Hip OA and lumbar. She is the nicest lady you will ever meet. Chiropractic relieved her inability to walk after this surgery. Too bad medicine and chiropractic dont work together in the open market!


Paget’s disease of bone on left hemi-pelvis

neck degeneration

“i have no neck pain,

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recall no accidents…its just that my fingers are numb and tingly and my arm goes dead….but I’m ok really”


hair extensions make a nice artefact

baby earring

My friend Terry C. found this lodged in a 6 week old baby’s neck. Medical specialists diagnosed a virus. Told parents to live with babys incessant crying.


Anyone see the bridge? Posterior arch agenesis of atlas…


arificial disc (comp. dr d roundy)

osteogenesis imperfecta

extreme forward head carriage, history of osteogenesis imperfecta, now 18 y. o male, adjusted with safety and efficacy with low force AO