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Questions for study contemplation and observation

  • why does opposition to chiropractic manipulation exist when medical manipulation of children and adults is done by doctors and physios?
  • is it the bone or the muscle or the nerve, or is it the whole complex relationship involved in pain and disease?
  • what disease does medicine actually prevent?
  • does exercise treat or prevent conditions?
  • who discovered spinal manipulation, chiropractors or ancient medical practitioners?
  • why is spinal adjustment so minutely specific and focus on only one or two joints
  • how come if only 5-15% of medical procedures are estimated as Evidence Based, they work so well?

An eminent professor said, in his damnation of chiropractic:

“The principles of Chiropractic are no better that witchcraft.

  • Response:
  • There is no way medicine would have ever practiced witchcraft in any form is there? Such as drilling peoples heads full of holes for insanity?


  • Also things that appear horrible and/or magical can sometimes be proven eg: maggots

The idea that just about any disease originates from some problem in the spine is pure rubbish.

  • Response:
  • Ever heard of the problems para- and quadraplegics have? Ever seen this book?

It was known to be wrong even at the time it was invented by Daniel Palmer in the 1890s.

  • Response: especially at that time, when very little was known about anything. At that time Palmer was making more money than most doctors because of the barbarism of medical practice, mainly

He was a grocer, magnetic healer and all round fairground salesmen, but above all he was a salesman.

  • Response:
  • The top companies in the world are about medicine and drugs. What are they selling? Surely not health?

The core business of chiropractors is back pain,

but even for back pain there is

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no evidence that chiropractors are more effective than any other manipulators, like physiotherapists.

  • Response:
  • So we are no more effective than other physios? Good, I can live with that. Physios are pretty well trained now, even though they started life as masseurs and naturopaths. And physiological therapeutics were in use by chiropractors before anyone else (as reported in my self published article here)

Almost all the other claims are simply bogus.

  • Response: Medicine has never had a bogus claim against it?
  • what about the dangers of HRT exposed? Vioxx causing heart attacks? Osteoporosis drugs creating bone deformities?

In the UK, the General Chiropractic Council (GCC) received over 600 complaints for false health claims made by almost all chiropractors.

  • Response: I wonder who made the complaints?

In response the GCC have been forced to admit that there isn’t the slightest reason to think that ‘subluxations’ exist.

  • Response: SO this book does not exist?

Subluxation is a made-up word that is used to describe invisible lesions of the spine that, they claim, causes all manner of diseases.

  • Response: Errr, its commonly used in medicine? By the way, who made up the following words: fibromyalgia, cardiac, lumbalgia, laryngitis… doctors made them up. So you can and I can’t? Please let me play in your sand pit?

Now they are not allowed to use that word, chiropractic is in meltdown.”

  • Response:
  • Yes I find myself lost for words daily now. Ok, how about spinal lesion? Manipulative lesion? Vertebral motion segment dysfunction? Kinematic Imbalance due to Suboccipital strain? (after this article )
  • A religious mind is free of all authority. And it is extremely difficult to be free from authority not only the authority imposed by another but also the authority of the experience that one has gathered, which is of the past, which is tradition. And the religious mind has no beliefs; it has no dogmas; it moves from fact to fact, and therefore the religious mind is the scientific mind. But the scientific mind is not the religious mind. The religious mind includes the scientific mind, but the mind that is trained in the knowledge of science is not a religious mind.A religious mind is concerned with the totality not with a particular function, but with the total functioning of human existence. The brain is concerned with a particular function; it specializes. It functions in specialization as a scientist, a doctor, an engineer, a musician, an artist, a writer. It is these specialized, narrowed-down techniques that create division, not only inwardly but outwardly. The scientist is probably regarded as the most important man required by society just now, as is the doctor. So function becomes all-important; and with it goes status, status being prestige. So where there is specialization there must be contradiction and a narrowing-down, and that is the function of the brain. – J. Krishnamurti, The Book of Life