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Mr Greg Buchanan, who has done more to promote
what I do than I can ever give thanks for,
has an upper cervical chiropractic education site.
Up C Spine – A patient”s perspective

Mrs Rhonda & Mr James Tomasi set up a site devoted to
helping those in pain, called What TIme Tuesday?

Both of the above started a site for patients to unite in their upper cervical success:

Another patient has one of the most successful childrens charities, Mr Col mobile casino Reynolds Oncology Childrens Foundation
Mr Reynolds with his “mate”, the late Mathew, whom I had the great pleasure of knowing.

My teachers at the Sweat Institute
Dr Chris Colloca at Neuromechanical Innovations
Also Activator Methods Technique

Chiropractors Association of Australia
Chiropractors Assn Aust NSW Branch