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Australian Seniors article April 2013

Australian Seniors article April 2013

4BC Breakfast

Radio National, ABC

Joe Ierano on TV


I am featured in this new documentary:

Another patient has one of the most successful childrens charities, Mr Col Reynolds Oncology Childrens Foundation

Mr Reynolds with his ‘mate’, the late Mathew, whom I had the great pleasure of knowing.

Upper Cervical On Mainstream USA TV again!!!
Has your cardiologist recommended checking your neck for a possible CAUSE of hypertension? This is a Chicago Medical School study.

DANGEROUS CESAREANS…A system in crisis Why does medicine have to induce and control everything, including birth?

BLIND MAN sees again after neck adjustment True! And its happened many times.

Who is Montel? Why is he crazy about Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic?

Patient Demands Attention

DONT use antibiotics for 3 months in cases of Ear Infection… I love this article…Why don’t doctors?