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1. Chiropractors have been doing specific treatment to the spinal joints longer than any other regulated profession.

Spinal manipulation performed by a chiropractor is so specific it is often called

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an adjustment.

Physiotherapy now incorporates manipulation and mobilisation, started out many decades ago as massage therapists and naturopaths. Chiropractors also started out with barely a 6 month course, but by 1912 had used physiological therapeutics before most professions discovered them. Massage therapists have been now training to treat back and neck complaints. Medical specialists now do extra training in musculoskeletal medicine.

European doctors of medicine x ray and adjust the neck and spine of babies, infants and toddlers with similar diagnosis and treatment.

2. The base of the skull and upper neck is the most unique and influential articulation in the whole of the body because of a complex array of muscles that act as sensory mechanisms and nerves that relay information to brain and body.

3. The brain stem has regulatory, life support and primitive function controls for the entire body within. Around it pivots the atlas bone and the skull above and entire spine below. Pressure is within the fluid system known as CSF. Tissue connections and nerve effects are abundant.

4. Many untrained in recognised tertiary institutions claim to treat the atlas and neck. They claim to cure. They claim to treat without due scientific and radiographic knowledge, or differential diagnosis. Stay away from them if you want professional care that is regulated