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What is True Well Being and Wellness?
Check out this book:

Healing Thorts and Filosophia (mine):

  • The doctor’s purpose is to get the patient to where they are going, by their own process, not just to become an authority to where they should go, or what they should think
  • awareness of pain stimulates agents of change
  • health comes from anywhere, not above, not below, not within or without, but from wherever it can flow, to awaken the spirit of healing
  • the major (non physical/environmental) cause of all disease is thought


Only One Hour to Live

If you had only one hour to live, what

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would you do? Would you not arrange what is necessary outwardly, your affairs, your will, and so on? Would you not call your family and friends together and ask their forgiveness for the harm that you might have done to them, and forgive them for whatever harm they might have done to you? Would you not die completely to the things of the mind, to desires and to the world? And if it can be done for an hour, then it can also be done for the days and years that may remain…Try it and you will find out.

The Book of Life, J. Krishnamurti

In our search for knowledge, in our acquisitive desires, we are losing love, we are blunting the feeling for beauty, the sensitivity to cruelty; we are becoming more and more specialized and less and less integrated. Wisdom cannot be replaced by knowledge, and no amount of explanation, no accumulation of facts, will free man from suffering. Knowledge is necessary, science has its place; but if the mind and heart are suffocated by knowledge… life becomes vain and meaningless- J. Krishnamurti

It takes time to get well, no time to want to be. – J Ierano DC

You have a moral responsibility to be well. – VV Strang DC

Pure Action is Effortless. – adapted from J. Krishnamurti