What was it About 1895?

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IN researching my book, I realised 1895 was not only the significant birth year of chiropractic, but a time of such fertile advancement in science, art and technology that it is virtually without parallel.

I scanned the history books around this era to see if the discovery of chiropractic was as unique as I thought or if it was part of a change in global acceleration of activity or ideas or even global ‘consciousness’.

Presumably I could scan the books for equally atrocious human activity and find it too. I wont. But I think you will no doubt agree that this was one of the most fertile and accelerative times we’ve ever known?


Here goes: What was discovered and what happened in 1895 or thereabouts?
1. The first automobile by Daimler-Benz (the French will dispute this!)
2. X rays by Roentgen
3. Marconi’s first radio signal
4. Madame Curie’s Law presented
5. Wray patents first movie projector (kinetoscope)
6. Lumiere’s first public cinema screening
7. Pasteur died (significant?)
8. Ehrlic’s theory of antibody formation (1897)
9. Mendel’s heredity experiments re-discovered (1900)
10. Invented: safety razor
11. Invented: rayon (synthetic cloth)
12. Invented: electric stove (1896)
13. Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake,” premiered
14. Nobel wills his estate to set up a peace prize
15. First modern Olympics (1896)
16. “Banjo” Paterson wrote Waltzing Matilda

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