What do I do

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What do I do that is different?

Techniques Utilised:

Atlas Orthogonality
Neuromechanical Instrument

Therapeutic Pillows
Sleepmaker Chiropractic Bedding
Dunlop Pillows
Spartan Chiropak

We treat only musculo-skeletal causes of effects and problems in all age groups. Through a thorough history and examination we also take into consideration the whole dynamic context of your being well or unwell.

Yes, we do not treat diseases, just structural integrity… BUT alas, it is SO integrated with the following systems, that anything is possible:

thinking (foggy brain)
co ordination
etc etc

Your effect (symptom) may be unrelated to the requirement of drugs. Though drugs, or chemical manipulation, may get you through a tough time, no doubt. But they rarely cure…

We do not treat diseases like colic or multiple sclerosis.
But these can be helped with increased locomotion and decreased energy expenditure.

Medical people don’t even know how to treat many of these things with precision, So we strengthen the structural system of the body to give some relief, so that the body can cure itself.

Chiropractic is not a cure.

There are several postural indicators:

We find out why your body’s muscles are in spasm, why your pain is there and what can be done if you are unwell.

I assess whether you need a medical doctor right away if necessary. We refer to medical specialists if pain control is needed immediately, or in conjunction with our care.

But I do not treat pain. Pain is a signal is it not? Pain is important too. Same as symptoms? Why bring down a fever before you even bother to find out why its there?

Oddly enough, lots of conditions disappear with chiropractic, like headaches and dizziness. Research supports this.

In this office, we incorporate primarily upper cervical specific and low forceNeuromechanical, and ActivatorTechniques.
Atlas Orthogonality is my speciality of choice, and I am Board Certified in USA. You can read more about that on mydedicated site.

I address your problem, face to face, with attention to you at that time. That is why our forms are so extensive when you first come in, so be prepared for a lot of questions. Allow about an hour for first visit. Then all other visits may be as quick as 3 to 10 minutes, depending on need.

You can ask as many questions as you need

I address your problem, but will look at your spine, eventually. Especially the neck.

If there are other issues to sort out, I may not even examine you; appropriate referral will be made.

I may not even treat the area of pain exclusively. All areas of the body are connected, and if connected to your spine, I may only treat around the spine for the first few visits.

I do NOT x ray everybody. I x ray those who need it. There is a big difference, so don’t expect to be treated like a production line patient. The first visit takes longest. We strive for convenience though, especially on subsequent visits. To do AO technique an x ray is necessary after an assessment.

If you need an x ray expect to have it in my office, or if sufficient a medicare off-site facility will be used. If your problem is related to upper cervical dysfunction, expect an x ray on-site, which is NOT covered by medicare. It may be covered by private insurance, though.

I do not use forceful procedures, so its one of the lowest risk health care procedures in the world. See a child being adjusted

The treatment – “adjustment”- may feel like nothing was done, it is so gentle. See a movie here

If there is no improvement in the time I designate, you will be referred appropriately

Benefits are forthcoming in 80% of patients within 6 visits

Some problems take months to actually correct and/or prevent. This will be discussed based on whether the problem is chronic or acute

Finally, the best chiropractic care you will ever get is when you are out of pain, doing prevention, maintenance of health and attempting to stay well

To stay well, you may need to see the chiropractor from monthly to annually, depending upon the individual person. But most of all you must exercise, cut addictions, eat well, and love life!

On the first visit you will receive my personal mobile phone number in order to keep in touch, should questions arise.