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What do chiropractors treat?

We treat only musculo-skeletal causes of effects and problems- in all age groups. Through a thorough history and examination we also take into consideration the whole dynamic context of your being well or unwell.

Yes, we do not treat diseases, just structural integrity… BUT alas, it is SO integrated with the following systems, that anything is possible:

immune skin digestive thinking (foggy brain) balance/hearing movement co ordination etc etc As stated, the joint subluxation may be a cause or an effect. Your effect (symptom) may be unrelated to the requirement of drugs. Though drugs, or body-chemical manipulation, may get you through a tough time, no doubt. But they rarely cure… We do not treat diseases like colic or multiple sclerosis or symptoms like sore backs. But these can be helped with increased locomotion and decreased energy expenditure. Medical people don’t even know how to treat many of these things with precision, So we strengthen the structural system of the body to give some relief, so that the body can cure itself. Chiropractic is not a cure. There are several postural indicators: We find out why your body’s muscles are in spasm, why your pain is there and what can be done if you are unwell. I assess whether you need a medical doctor right away if necessary. We refer to medical specialists if pain control is needed immediately, or in conjunction with our care.

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But I do not treat pain. Pain is a signal is it not? Pain is important too. Same as symptoms? Why bring down a fever before you even bother to find out why its there? Oddly enough, lots of conditions disappear with chiropractic, like headaches and dizziness. Research supports this hypothesis.