Case 1

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Female 20 years of age.

Broken clavicle age 3

Dozens of horse riding accidents.
Hit on head by horse float door last year.
Then fell onto chin last year when switched off a speeding treadmill.
Debilitated and unable to perform or work anymore- dizzy, disoriented…
Note well, the atlas jammed up into the occiput. One of the worst combinations I have seen in 15 years.
Mother attested to over 10 visits to the emergency room for help, to little avail, other than medication which brought on mania and psychotic episodes.
ER doctor told her that he has more important people to attend to.
Found me via
I took upper cervical views (the last one is the frontal, below).
This is a case of medical neglect in the form of:
  • failure to diagnose a kyphotic cervical spine and its consequences (deemed normal by several professionals).
  • failure to detect upper cervical dysfunction causing virtually 90% loss of global range of motion
  • iatrogenic pharmacopathology
  • inadequate musculoskeletal diagnosis at hospital level
Dr Joseph Ierano
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