Neck killing you?

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Neck Killing You?

You should never let just anyonetouch your neck. How many have heard this before? It is the most complex area of structure and delicate motion in the human frame – and contains the most dense collection of nerves, outside of the brain. So what do you do if it hurts or does not move fully?

The answer is to seek qualified professional help. The minimum education I recommend is a science degree, an additional doctorate or masters in a recognised health profession, and preferably a post-graduate study with an interest group that treats the neck and spine exclusively.

Into just necks?
Lots of groups now claim to know about the neck as it has long been a source of pain, discomfort and sometimes more serious arthritic disorders only visible on x ray. So don’t let anyone with less than 5 years of study attempt to treat your neck, is my professional advice.

That is the dilemma right there: Who is qualified to do any sort of treatment procedure to your neck, and how should it be done?

Answer: medical doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors have registration under government authority. The profession who has been studying, focusing on,

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and treating the spine exclusively the longest of all is the last group: chiropractor. Atlas Orthogonal (AO) special interest chiropractors go further.

Most likely for adults, it’s the dreaded whiplash accident that everyone told you not to worry about. Or sports injuries of course. AO reverses these poor adaptations.

The AO adjustment is so soft you can’t feel it. It’s a pressure pulse. It relaxes muscles and nerves so that anything else you do, be it massage, meditation or physio, works better.

When to get checked
If you have not had a neck assessment as thorough as can be had by an AO practitioner, you may be missing out on:

The spine is the backbone of your health and many health problems. Accurate diagnosis, imaging and treatment is recommended by the chiropractic profession which has demanded the best minimum standards of education since its inception in 1895 and registration in Australia in 1978. AO goes beyond this with further special interest in the upper neck, since 1981.



What is an Atlas bone?
The atlas is the first neck vertebra. It moves with seven other neck bones, but is the most unique design in that it is a ring shape through which the spinal cord passes. Did you know that your neck not working right can cause known medical conditions like vertigo (dizziness) and headache, high blood pressure, scoliosis, lowered immunity and some rare studies even report hearing loss and vision impairment.

What is AO?
Specific neck treatment with the Atlas Orthogonal Technique (AO) is a non-invasive way of realigning the spine. Dr. Roy Sweat of Atlanta, Georgia, USA, taught me this technique. He built upon the work of chiropractic pioneer Dr. BJ Palmer of Iowa, USA. BJ spent virtually all his life saying that the base of the skull and the top of the neck can make people unwell, and random manipulation or mobilisation is not always effective to realign it. You need scientific skills and visualisation with specialised x rays. It is not a cure, and will not promise to fix anything permanently: we relieve and assist the body like any good doctor does.

How does AO fix my health?
The head being off balance with the neck causes problems, and because this leads to impaired signals to the brain and back, your body often fails to adapt. It may stem from trauma sustained at birth, falling off a bike or trampolining.