What is chiropractic?

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The largest non-medical health profession in the world.
Discovered in 1895 by Daniel David Palmer; Palmer College established 1897 in Davenport, Iowa, USA.

Origianlly, based on the premise that there is intelligence and order in the universe and therefore, within the human body, which can heal it if interference is removed and function restored.

In today’s language:
1. -chiropractors are expertly trained in identifying spinal disorders that cause postural asymmetry, joint dysfunction and subsequent locomotor distortion, and health problems

2. the treatment methods that chiropractors use minimise risk due to lowered dependancy on expensive, invasive medical tests and pharmacological interactions, except of course where indicated

3. chiropractic care is one of the lowest risk interventions of all in health care

4. in soft tissue injury around the spine and its contiguous structures, chiropractic directly and indirectly addresses the healing process, with positive effects on joint motion and inflammation, normalisation of the matrix of soft tissue healing, assists in pain reduction by gating of nociception with manual and instrument assisted therapies proven to aid the healing process.

5. chiropractic has one of the most focused approaches to spinal problems that assesses individual motion segments/units and regional/global postural effects

Today, chiropractic is based upon sciences of:
Human Anatomy
Philosophy of Science
Clinical Psychology

Therefore, chiropractic care can help the body help itself in a multitude of conditions – because it affects the nervous system, arguably at its most influential points: at the spine.
The chiropractor is a Doctor trained for at least 5 years of study in the basic biological sciences, medical physiology and anatomy. Chiropractors are trained to refer to medical and other health care disciplines when necessary. Click here to learn how much training?


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Virgil V. Strang’s definition:

Chiropractic is that clinical science that is based upon a law of biology that states that inborn into all living things is the ability to be well.
It draws on the theory of physiology stating that the nervous system (consisting of the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves and special sensory organs) controls and co-ordinates all other organs and structures in the body and relates it to its environment.
Chiropractic clinical science further hypothesises an association between this governing system, the nervous system, and the existence of health in the body.
Chiropractic was originally conjectured, by its founder, as that science that primarily investigates the interference to nervous systems control of all other organs and structures by the human framework (spine, skeleton and joints).
Today this conjecture has been elevated to hypothesis by a growing volume of research behind it.

How does chiropractic work? How does chiropractic affect health ?
Chiropractic does the following:

  • affects neurological function
  • restores joint function
  • this helps reduce inflammation involved in activation of pain receptors
  • this reduces pain by correction of function (not by temporary stimulation or inhibition by drugs or therapies)
  • this minimises joint disease risk factors for degeneration or arthritis
  • improves everyday and athletic performance because the spine influences posture, balance, sense perception and the function of organs
  • innovative research hints that poor spinal function may influence the immune system, hearing, eyesight, as well as back pain… and more study is progressing

How safe is chiropractic?
See my web site chiropracticsafety.com.au and make up your own mind.