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History of chiropractic ierano
Chiropractic Ierano was established on June 27, 1997, in Camden, New South Wales, Australia.
Dr Joseph Ierano returned from the United States in March, 1997, after completing his chiropractic studies, and began setting up his office. He is the longest practicing Atlas Orthogonist in Australia.

The first office was set up, with the aid of Ms Lyn Stewart, a chiropractic assistant of long experience and dedication to chiropractic care, on the corner of Murray and Argyle Sts Camden. This was moved to a beautiful property at 12 Old Hume Hwy, Camden, in 2005. In 2012 Camden was relocated to Narellan as a Saturday and Monday satellite practice.
In 2010, with the unique, dedicated and expert help of Ms Ellie Miller, we opened a practice briefly in Canberra, then in Crows Nest, when plans changed to serve the northern suburbs. Ellie was a talented registered nurse with degrees and education spanning health care, company law and Japanese, and one daughter!
Mosman clinic absorbed the Crows Nest site and opened on January 2, 2013. The new office manager is Mr Anthony Algeri. Tony has a long history of business and brings a new flavour to the Ierano team.
The only way to form good relationships is to be honest with people, treat them with respect, deliver consistent service, and occasionally, exceed expectations, and tell them when you can not help them.
The office has been designed within an existing building; the atmosphere, procedures and standards have been formulated to deliver the kind of service that people would see as dedicated, effective, and efficient.
Most recent development has been an office in Northern Sydney to complement our services in South-West. Narellan is open 2 days and Mosman is open 5.
Most patients are accepted by referral from other satisfied customers, as this is the best form of advertising. The next is the Internet. Dr Joe has one of the most long-standing internet profiles of his profession.