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The only way to form good relationships is to be honest with people, treat them with respect, deliver consistent service, and occasionally, exceed expectations, and tell them when you can not help them.

Most patients are accepted by referral from other satisfied customers, as this is the best form of advertising. The next is the Internet as it gives one an opportunity to reflect on the nature of a business. I hope you get a feel for the service and ethics of my business through these ‘pages’.


What is Atlas Orthogonal?

History of chiropractic ierano

Chiropractic ierano was established  June 27, 1997, in Camden, New South Wales, Australia.

Dr Joseph Ierano returned from the United States in March, 1997, after completing his chiropractic studies, and began setting up his office. He is the longest practicing Atlas Orthogonist in Australia.

Joseph is:

  • A Graduate, Palmer College of Chiropractic, USA, and University of New South Wales.
  • Certified in Atlas Orthogonal (USA) technique procedures
  • an Upper Cervical educator for AO USA
  • Trained in Impulse IQ “Neuromechanical” Adjusting Instrument and an occasional Australian instructor
  • formerly Advanced Certified Activator Methods
  • a career-long member of the Chiropractors Association of Australia up until 2015, and served as President of the state NSW branch from 2012- 2014.


We want our patients to feel that they are in a safe, caring place that knows they are part of a professional ‘family’.

How do you make any intelligent system work?

You make it simultaneously self governing, inter-related, inter-dependant, whilst retaining separation of identity and function.




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This study attempted to observe the effects of chiropractic manual adjustment on the common female problem of pelvic pain. The conclusion was “positive short term effects”. Chiropractic Study looks at pelvic pain in women OBJECTIVE: To assess the role of chiropractic care for women with chronic pelvic pain (CPP) as a first step in designing […]

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pubic symphysis dysfunction: what to do

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the pubic symphysisThe Pubic Symphysis is a cartilage ‘padded’ joint between the two pelvic bones (the iliae) which can be felt just above the genital area. It is commonly tender, but can be excruciatingly painful when chiropractic adjustment is needed, or there is Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction. Countless pregnant and post-partum women have come into my […]

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 Arthritis and chiropractic Joseph J Ierano B.Sc., D.C.   The literature, whilst relatively scarce regarding chiropractic and arthritis, contains many studies that examine chiropractic care of the patient with arthritis and support the notion that all arthritides are not a contraindication to chiropractic care.   Pain and spinal degeneration Please note the distinction between the […]

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Antibiotics book

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